FAQ´s (frequently asked questions)

Here you find informations about the most frequently asked questions. If there are any questions furthermore please don´t hesitate to contact us.


What is a Tantric massage?

A tantric massage is not a  „usual“massage, as you get with the physiotherapist, but a very close, tender touch ritual for the entire body. It’s not just about massage, it’s also about being caressed, caring, arriving, dropping and surrendering. It is also about body worship, about celebrating and enjoying the male and female power and the back connection with one’s own body, and, above it, also with one’s own soul. Thus, a tantric massage can be much more than „just“ a massage and you are free to use it for you on a physical level, or to take even deeper


What is the process of a tantric massage?

At the beginning there is a little time for conversation. Here you can ask questions, if anything is still unclear, and get to know the masseuse or the masseur a little bit. Then you have the opportunity to take a shower before starting the massage. You do not have to bring anything with you, we have everything ready for you. At the beginning of the ritual both the recipient and the giver have a so-called lungi, a large cloth. During the first touch you are gently undressed, as well as the giver who massages you. The subsequent massage takes place naked, with warm oil and, if the contact feels good for both, also with a lot of body contact.

First, the back is massaged, then the front. The lingam or the yoni (the intimate zones) are always playfully involved and awakened. Sometimes the masseuse or masseuse also uses stimulating materials such as feathers, soft skins or other things to make you feel your body in a more sensitive way.

At the end of the massage there is time for an intimate touch, the so-called yoni massage (woman) or lingam massage (man). After the massage, you can rest, feel and enjoy the relaxation and experiences of your body journey for a few minutes. Then you have the opportunity to take a shower again and if there is anything else you want to discuss after the massage, there is time for that as well.

Am I allowed to touch the giving-person?

Yes, it is allowed to touch him/her. But..it is not an interaction or even sex. It is no problem to touch the masseur or the masseuse on her hand or leg but it is not about intimate contact from you to her. Primarily you should be in a passive position so that you can relax and let yourself go and simply enjoy without having worry about it.


In a Tantric massage, the entire body is touched, including the genital area?


The tantric massage is a holistic ritual and the idea that every part of the body is equally important and equally worthy of respect, is consistently implemented here. So, if desired, the touch of the intimate area (Lingam (=male) and yoni(=female) is one important and natural part of the massage. But it is never the only part.


What if I have an erection during the massage?

Am I allowed to have an orgasm during the massage?

Erection can happen because the massage is quite sensual and exciting. So…

If the massage is lustfully for you you are invited to follow that feeling and to enjoy the lust and sensuality.

You can not „book“ an orgasm and you won´t get your money back if there´s none, but if you feel that the energy is high enough for it you are invited to let yourself go and enjoy your orgasm with every part of your body.


Do you accept credit card?

No. Please note that we only accept cash.


Do you have any sessions where I can touch the masseur/masseuse?

We have some teachings where you are teached in the tantric touch and the intimate massage.

Therefore you have the possibility to „train“ on a collegue and to touch him/her during the lesson.


What offers do you have to learn tantric touch?

We have litlle workshops where you are introduced to the Yoni/Lingammassage (=intimate massage) in a theoretical way.

Furthermore we have the „Berührungscoaching“.

Here you are trained in the tantric massage (including yoni/Lingammassage) in a 4 (if you don´t bring your partner with you) or a 6 hours (if you have a partner) training lesson.

For further informations please contact us by phone.